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chlorhexidine digluconate has some uses

Dental Uses
Among the most common uses of chlorhexidine digluconate is as an oral antiseptic. Since the compound is an effective anti-microbial agent, use as a mouthwash reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth.Chlorhexidine digluconate is particularly effective as an oral antiseptic because it is absorbed by tooth surfaces and thus provides long-lasting protection.In addition to its common use a mouthwash, chlorhexidine digluconate is used as an antiseptic rinse before, during and after periodontal procedures.

Antiseptic uses
Chlorhexidine digluconate is used as a non-dental antibacterial solution. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria, including both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (the two primary classes of bacteria). It is also effective as an anti-fungal, anti-spore and anti-viral agent.Common non-dental uses of chlorhexidine digluconate include use as a topical antiseptic, antibacterial hand rinse and pre-surgical scrub.

Animal uses
Chlorhexidine digluconate is used for several veterinary purposes. As a topical disinfectant for pet and livestock wounds, it has been demonstrated to be more effective than povidone-iodine and saline. It is also an active ingredient in pet shampoos, teat dips, skin treatments, and lubricants made from animal fat.